Who Are We

We are Alex Aileen Handmade Hemp Jewelry! Created by Alex Aileen. << This is me, I am an artist and a fashion/style lover. This passion project combines my two favorite things which are making things and styling. I have a passion for making order of materials and for building tasteful and bold quality pieces to be collected by you and by me.
My inspiration comes from several places. One more obvious in my mind is from my high school years. 2004-2007. We were obsessed with the style of the 70’s and were always trying to emulate that look. Janis Joplin, Edie Sedgwick, etc. Along with the style came the music. Jam bands were a heavy culture where I came from (Illinois) and I had this cool boyfriend at the time that was emmersed in that scene. I never quite felt like I fit in but I am an observer, then and now. These pieces are inspired by the girlfriends of the jam scene. These very cool, very confident heady girls. These pieces were made inspired by their confidence, their freedom, their expression!
Second inspiration for me is always materials the touch of a piece of hemp, felt, yarn. The shine of a bead, sparkle, color. These two things ignite my imagination and propel me to make them mine, make them into something interesting, valuable, beautiful!

Our Mission

We are committed to expressing creativity in a bold and tasteful way that can be worn and styled to exaggerate your own creativity!
This is all about expression. Yours and mine.
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